Inspection of the defense plant-PLSC visited Zhongshan Xinzhiyuan Electric & Electronics Co., Ltd.
Date: 2020-07-30 12:31:44Pageviews: 1625

In order to promote high-quality enterprises (products) in Zhongshan, especially export-oriented enterprises (products), to overcome the "epidemic" difficulties and seek new business opportunities in the domestic market, the private-brand cooperation model is bound to become an important choice. This time, the private brand professional committee will invite domestic retail companies to enter Zhongshan, relying on the advantages of local excellent manufacturing enterprises clusters, to negotiate procurement; and to go into some high-quality factories for in-depth inspections, and try to use local high-quality and superior products in Zhongshan As well as the promotion of regionally characteristic products to the national market; at the same time, promote the recognition of the cooperation model of private brands by local enterprises, and grasp a development opportunity brought by the private label industry to manufacturing enterprises.







Group photo


Sales assistant Ms. Chen Yiyi introduced the company


While inspecting the factory, the buyer delegation has a tendency to cooperate with the products of Zhongshan Xinzhiyuan Electric Co., Ltd. and put forward some suggestions on the packaging and market positioning of the products. In the near future, we can see that the products of Zhongshan Xinzhiyuan Electric Co., Ltd. can appear on the shelves of the retailer's inspection group.