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1.3D (three-dimensional) 360-degree fever, this product uses four weeks of heating, saving more than 4 times the electricity consumption, allowing garlic to ferment evenly in the pot, movable bracket, easy to make multi-petal garlic and single head garlic, unique 3-layer inner shelf , So that the black garlic is evenly heated and avoids poor fermentation caused by extrusion.
2. Non-stick coated aluminum inner liner, which can quickly heat the center, 6L large capacity, meet the family and those who like black garlic.
3. Microcomputer control -12 days (288 hours) countdown timer automatically completes the fermentation of black garlic, with fast heating speed and high temperature control accuracy, adding 2 hours of drying or heating function.
4. Power failure reminder function, when the power supply fails or is turned off by mistake, the power failure indicator will flash.
5. LED temperature and time display function, buzzer sounds to remind the completion of black garlic fermentation.

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