SF-3253 rechargeable chiller
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Rechargeable mini air cooler
Input voltage: DC7.5V
Power: 9W
Wind speed: about 4.5 m/s
Air volume: about 60 m3/hr
Water consumption: about 50 ml/hr
Water tank capacity: 900 ML
LED lights
Windshield: high/low gear
Wind direction: Louver type turning left and right (only for SF-3253B)
Adjustable upper and lower blinds (only for SF-3253 & SF-3253B)
DC motor 6V
Rechargeable lead-acid battery 6V4AH
Charging time: 12 hours
operation hours :
High-end wind: about 4 hours
Low wind: about 6 hours
Accessories: AC charger
Input-AC100-240V 50/60Hz, output-DC7.5V 1.2A

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