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Product specification

Product number: 12V7AH(AM)
product brand: SUNAGO
Computer number: AM12007-0A03S
Terminal model: B
Dimensions (mm): 151*50*94
Product weight (g): 2580±60
Number of pole pieces:
Shell material: ABS
Shell color: black
Packing quantity (PCS/carton): 5
Minimum order quantity (PCS): 2000

product features

. Through advanced process design, high compression adsorption glass separator (AGM) is used to ensure that the electrolyte in the battery is completely absorbed in the AGM plate and the positive and negative plates, so there is no flowing electrolyte in the battery, and it can be placed and installed in any direction So that the battery can be transported by air.
. The high-quality fireproof material ABS is used for the double sealing design of the battery bottom case, face cover and pole to ensure that the battery does not leak acid
. Through the international advanced cathode absorption technology, the internal oxygen recombination efficiency of the battery reaches 99%, ensuring that the electrolyte is not lost, thereby making the battery maintenance-free
. Adopt high-tin-lead-calcium series alloy, and advanced production control, the battery has low self-discharge rate and long life (the cycle life used in 25±3℃ environment is more than 400 times)
. Floatable/recyclable
. Suitable for electric toy cars, UPS, backup power supply, fishing machine, etc.